The Series 100A has been discontinued in April 2020. The new Series 200A is available for pre-order now, with first deliveries in November 2020.


The most effective hose washing system available

  • Washes up to 5″ inch hose
  • Cleans 30ft of hose per minute
  • Easy and safe one man operation
  • 60 gallon soaking tank
  • 35+ year life cycle
  • Professional grade quality
  • ETL CSA certified
  • AFG grant approved

Every firefighting team knows the work does not end when the embers are extinguished. To maintain the highest level of efficiency and fire preparedness, your core fire equipment must be properly maintained.

The Circul-Air Roto Jet Hose Washer is a device that completely eliminates the backbreaking and resource-depleting chore of manually scrubbing down hose. Hose washing is necessary for maximum life and a clean, professional appearance. More importantly, however, the Roto Jet Hose Washer effectively removes mud, gravel, glass, and other potential toxins and carcinogens. No other method is available to thoroughly deep clean your hose. Hydrocarbons can carry 90% of the toxins, including carcinogens, produces by a fire. These harmful deposits are easily and safely removed with our hose washer. The Roto Jet washes at the rate of 30 feet per minute. Its 60-gallon soaking tank allows the application of detergents, conditioners, or desired disinfectants. The use of our Roto Jet Hose Washer eliminates the possibility of contaminating the driveway and surrounding areas of stations that wash hose outdoors. Most importantly, thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained equipment will allow you to get down to the job at hand – saving lives.

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