Tilt Top Hose Loading Turntable


Drain, coil and move hose quickly and easily!

Use the Tilt-Top Hose Loading Turntable to simultaneously drain and coil hose for quick and easy movement to storage racks – or right back into service.

Angle options make for flexible hose handling:

Vertically, the Tilt-Top drains hose, enabling you to re-roll it into tight, uniform coils with flush edges, a rubber plate cushions the impact from couplings.

Horizontally, the Tilt-Top can be easily moved to the pumper for re-loading.

The elongated base provides for greater stability, and new non-skid surfaces make it possible to steady the Tilt-Top with your feet. With an oversized handle, you can easily maneuver the Tilt-Top wherever you need it, and the exceptionally sound heavy steel structure accommodates extra large coils up to 5” in diameter. The Tilt-Top Hose Loading Turntable works in tandem with the Roto-Jet Hose Washer so you can efficiently coil hose immediately after washing for easy transport to the Dual Purpose Drying Cabinet and eventual storage on the Porto-Rack or Econo-Rack.

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