• PPE Express Dryer (E6XX)

    • Industry Leading 10 year warranty
    • 900 CFM Axial Fan, 6000 W of heating
    • Average life cycle of 35+ years
    • Dry up to 6 sets for gear in 4 hours or less
    • Conforms to NFPA 1851
    • Dry 200ft of 5 inch hose in 8-10 hours
    • Easily dry boots and gloves without additional accessories
    • Easy to use control panel with an automatic 12 hour shut off timer
    • Professional grade quality
    • AFG grant approved
    • Includes 4 shelves and 6 gear hangers and 6 glove hangers

    The Circul-Air PPE Express Drying Cabinet provides a safe and effective means of returning Duty Gear to service following the use of your extractor. Capable of processing 6 sets of gear in 3-4 hours, this cabinet will become the workhorse of the PPE maintenance program.

    Based on 80 years of drying experience, the PPE Express utilizes a high flow axial fan to draw fresh air across the 6000W heating element chamber to ensure even heating of the cabinet. As an alternative, the cabinet can be operated in a fan only mode, relying on ambient air to dry the gear. Heavy duty industrial styling includes rust preventative galvanized construction and fasteners to ensure a robust long life.

    Each cabinet comes with the necessary components to dry the gear including 4 wire shelves, 6 gear hangers and 6 glove and boot hangers.

    A true dual purpose cabinet, the Circul-Air PPE Express is also configurable as a hose dryer, with the wire shelves capable of processing 200-300 ft of hose in 7-10 hours.



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  • PPE Gear Washer

    At Circul-Air, we believe in building high quality products and supporting American workers, and we support other companies who are doing the same.  That’s why we recommend Dexter washers for the best cleaning of your turnout gear.  Dexter Laundry builds the highest-quality, commercial-grade washers in the heart of America.  Like Circul-Air, Dexter offers industry-leading warranties and lifetime technical support. Click here to contact us for more information.

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  • Retrofit Unit for Circul-Air Dryer

    Circul Air has reinvented itself. Our ingenuity puts us in a position to offer a practical way to maintain your fire station's state of the art status. Your Circul Air Drying Cabinet is a wonderful investment but, as with all investments, it must be maintained in order to remain viable and strong. Our Retrofit Head is a cost effective upgrade prolonging the life of your existing equipment. The Retrofit Head upgrade features a 50% decrease in drying time, and a 50% reduction in energy cost. Our control panel offers various settings for heat drying or an ambient air dry selection.

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    The most effective hose washing system available

    • Washes up to 5″ inch hose
    • Cleans 30ft of hose per minute
    • Easy and safe one man operation
    • 60 gallon soaking tank
    • 35+ year life cycle
    • Professional grade quality
    • ETL CSA certified
    • AFG grant approved

    Every firefighting team knows the work does not end when the embers are extinguished. To maintain the highest level of efficiency and fire preparedness, your core fire equipment must be properly maintained.

    The Circul-Air Roto Jet Hose Washer is a device that completely eliminates the backbreaking and resource-depleting chore of manually scrubbing down hose. Hose washing is necessary for maximum life and a clean, professional appearance. More importantly, however, the Roto Jet Hose Washer effectively removes mud, gravel, glass, and other potential toxins and carcinogens. No other method is available to thoroughly deep clean your hose. Hydrocarbons can carry 90% of the toxins, including carcinogens, produces by a fire. These harmful deposits are easily and safely removed with our hose washer. The Roto Jet washes at the rate of 30 feet per minute. Its 60-gallon soaking tank allows the application of detergents, conditioners, or desired disinfectants. The use of our Roto Jet Hose Washer eliminates the possibility of contaminating the driveway and surrounding areas of stations that wash hose outdoors. Most importantly, thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained equipment will allow you to get down to the job at hand – saving lives.

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  • Roto Jet Hose Washer Motor (DOE rule 2015) Series 100

    1 HP 1800 RPM Motor 115/230 Volts Premium Efficiency Motor

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  • Roto-Jet Motor Jack Shaft

    Roto-Jet Motor Jack Shaft on the RTJ-5 & RTJ-3 Hose Washer. (Shaft is 11.38″ Long X 0.75″ Dia. With a 3″ Keyway near the middle of the shaft 5″ from the end with the 1.625″ long X 0.1875″ Keyway on the End and a 1.25″ Long X 0.1875″ Keyway on the Other End)

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