Circul-Air HD Industrial Grade Hard Mount Extractor

These Circul-Air Hardmount extractors have a rugged and robust design which they are known for within the industry. These extractors allow stations to provide a thorough clean of PPE gear, protecting first responders from hazardous exposure.





All Circul-Air Extractors feature the “Circul-Air Fire Package”. This package is a complete equipment solution, engineered to make it easy for fire departments to effectively clean turnout gear safely in compliance with NFPA 1851 2020 edition.

Circul-Air Fire Package Includes:
• Programmed to NFPA 1851 compliant wash cycles, proven and verified with multiple ISP’s
• Chemical dosing pumps pre-configured to extractor and ISP-verified detergent.
• 1 Gallon of CitroSqueeze ®

Extractor Features
• Includes site ready review prior to install
(requires site photos and/or video conference of location)
• Industrial Grade Construction
• 3 Year Warranty (contact Circul-Air for details)

Additional information


– 35 lbs / 7 pieces, – 40 lbs / 8 pieces, – 55 lbs / 11 pieces, – 70 lbs / 14 pieces

Electrical Configuration

208-240/60/1/2w+G, 208-240/60/3/3w+G

Circul-Air HD Industrial Grade Hard Mount Extractor