Circul-Air Portable Dryer

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• Meets NFPA 1851 2020 edition
• Made in North America
• 1500 Watts of heating
• All Dryers include heat setting
• Capacity: 6 or 4 position
• Commercial Grade
• Heavy Duty Casters
• 3 year Warranty
• 120v electrical


• Circul-Air portable dryers incorporate mild heat and air flow pushed through your turnout gears extremities.
• By drying from the inside out, the system can focus on your gear’s thermal batting layer & liner that is important for thermal protection.
• These units are portable with a standard 120v plug for use in various locations within your station or brought on scene.

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4 position, 6 position, 2 position / Resq


Std 120v 3 prong plug / 20 amp

Circul-Air Portable Dryer