Dual Purpose Dryer (D6XX)

  • Now with an Industry Leading 10 year warranty
  • 900 CFM
  • Average life cycle of 35+ years
  • Conforms to NFPA 1851
  • Dry 4-6 sets of gear easily in 4 hours or less
  • Dry 500ft of 5 inch hose in 10-12 hours
  • Easily dry boots and gloves without additional accessories
  • Easy to use control panel with an automatic 12 hour shut off timer
  • ETL CSA certified
  • Professional grade quality
  • AFG grant approved
  • Includes 10 shelves, 6 gear hangers and 6 glove and boot hangers.


After contaminated hose and turnout gear has been thoroughly and safely washed, it is necessary for it to be dried in a quick and safe manner. Circul-Air Drying Cabinets provide a safe and more economical alternative to the cost of towers and the damaging practice of drying on hot pavement or in intense sunlight – both of which have the potential to damage expensive equipment. Fresh air is drawn over thermostatically controlled, 1000-watt heater strips by a high volume, top mounted axial fan. As an alternative to the warm air settings available, the ambient air setting dries without heat.

Circul-Air’s Dual Purpose Dryer allows hose and turnout gear to be dried quickly and safely, minimizing shrinkage while ensuring a rapid return to service. When emergencies arise, you want your equipment ready to go, so it’s essential to get hose and turnout gear back into service as quickly as possible. Circul-Air’s high-capacity drying cabinet handles up to 500 feet of 5-inch hose. Ten removable galvanized steel shelves permit other items to be dried in the cabinet, and a 12-hour timer shuts down the dryer automatically. You’ll use less energy and never overheat and damage the hose.

This product comes in four different electrical configurations, please consult a certified Electrian to determine the model that is best for you.

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